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Troubleshooting Charging Issues Of Wireless Speakers

Troubleshooting Charging Issues Of Wireless Speakers

Development of modern technology with high-speed development, wireless speakers are much smaller and ultraportable. These speakers are one of the must-have smartphone accessories now. Wireless Bluetooth speakers China is hassle-free to generate your favorite music and can easily liven up dull surroundings. Wireless speakers can be operated by AC outlet connection via the USB AC adaptor or you can use it by a built-in battery. Always make sure to charge the wireless speaker the built-in battery when using it for the first time, for more than an hour before turn on the speaker’s power.

Practically, every individual wants to select a wireless speaker of longer-playtime. Unfortunately, people do not know how to maintain the battery health of a wireless speaker when the speaker is running out of battery. The wireless speakers are hungry and wanted to get charged but can’t charge the battery. There can be multiple reasons for charging issues of wireless speakers:

Guide to charge the battery

  • There are certain tips to charge the battery of a wireless speaker. You need to focus on the following and make sure to-do to charge the battery of the wireless speaker.
  • Always make sure for speaker battery charging USB cable is firmly connected to the speaker and the USB AC adapter.
  • You need to connect the USB AC adapter firmly with the speaker and AC outlet.
  • Always use the USB AC adapter with 1.5A or more output current and supplied USB cable that conforms to the standard of the USB.
  • The battery of wireless speakers depends on the USB cable specifications or adaptor when you use a supplied USB AC adapter for iPad or iPhone devices.
  • Some wireless speakers do not accept the USB cables of charging-only capabilities. Always use USB cables with data transmission capabilities to charge them.

The charge indicator of the battery

  • When the power of a speaker is on, if you connect the speaker to the supplied USB AC adapter, the battery will charge but the charge indicator will not light up.
  • The charge indicator of the wireless speaker lights up when you charge your speaker when it is off.

Too long charging time

Sometimes, the wireless speaker battery may take longer to complete a full charge. It takes a longer time to complete a charge when you are using the speaker while connected to the charger. The wireless speaker manufacturers recommend to turn off the speaker during charging.

The indicator turned off even charge is not completed

The charge indicator of the wireless speaker battery turns off immediately and the charging is not completed. There are some rare cases when this happened:

  • Maybe the battery of the speaker is already fully charged.
  • The range of ambient temperature of the speaker battery may be exceeded 41 °F – 95 °F.
  • May be your wireless speaker battery is damaged or there is some problem with the battery. It usually happens when you use it for a longer duration in loud sound.

The battery life of the speaker is short

When the wireless speaker is not properly charged, it will affect battery life. 12 hours is the estimated battery life of the wireless speaker. This is also depending on the following cases:

  • In what condition you are using
  • The ambient temperature
  • The level of volume
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