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Sound Bar Vs. Bluetooth Speakers: Which One For Bedroom TV?

If you want to enhance your home audio system, then Bluetooth portable speakers wholesale and soundbar are great options.  But which one is suitable for you and perfect for your room accommodation? It would help if you looked into several parameters.

As technology is advancing, the thickness of TV and the size of speakers are getting smaller and smaller. But sometimes, the compact size speaker donor gives you the sound you expect. So, to meet that probability, you will need some substitutes. And if you want something reasonable, compact in size, and high-quality audio, you can go for either a soundbar or Bluetooth speakers.

What factors to consider before the purchase?

When you choose to buy a luxurious accessory for your household, you perhaps think about it twice or thrice. You question yourself many times like what’s the reason for purchasing this product? Some of the factors that you should consider before the purchase are the price, these sound quality, durability, Bluetooth range, and size. These factors will help you to decide which device to choose.

What are Soundbars?

A soundbar is a smaller, cheap, and less multifaceted version of a home theatre or a border sound system. You can connect it with your TV and attach it below the TV or in front of it. Soundbars are highly versatile and are an all-in-one audio solution for your TV. You can also enjoy music with the utmost clarity and more depth of sound. Also, these bars have numerous options for sound, including a subwoofer that offers a clear bass creating better sound.

What is Bluetooth Speaker?

Bluetooth portable speakers wholesale are mostly wireless speakers that can be linked to any device using Bluetooth. You can place it everywhere in the home as it has no wires connected to it. Typically, the most petite range of a Bluetooth speaker is 10 meters. So, you can be in the bedroom and still control the speaker in the living room. It involves that Bluetooth speakers are travel friendly. With a rechargeable battery, lasting hours are the best excellent when going on a road trip with your friends.

Differences Between Soundbar vs. Bluetooth Speaker

Here is the comparison between both the speakers. Both have some advantages and disadvantages, and they vary according to your requirement.


  • Soundbars are cheap and affordable
  • It cannot be carried anyplace. But for bedroom setup, it’s ideal since you don’t have to move around.
  • It offers a surround sound system feeling only through one bar.
  • It has bigger sizes bigger than Bluetooth speakers.
  • They have good audio quality than Bluetooth.

Bluetooth speakers

  • They are comparatively expensive than soundbars
  • It’s highly traveling friendly as you can travel everywhere, without caring as it does not need any connection.
  • Requires numerous speakers to get the surround sound feeling.
  • They are smaller than Soundbars.
  • They have better audio quality.
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