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Myth vs Fact Regarding Bluetooth Speakers

It goes without saying that Bluetooth is the most versatile, and useful solution to connect with any device, especially when it comes to connecting with portable Bluetooth speakers.

And regarding this, the use of mini portable Bluetooth speakers can do wonders in outdoor gatherings. But unfortunately, the worth of these speakers and functions have got a bit messed up due to many uncertain and irrelevant myths circulating in the market

Let’s debunk each myth with the fact what the majority of people have about portable Bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, several myths are surrounding Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth as a whole.

Myth No1: Bluetooth Speakers Drain Battery

Though there might be a bit of reality behind this statement, it applies to the early days of using Bluetooth when smartphones didn’t have durable batteries at that time, and they used to consume a lot of power. That makes an obvious reason for draining the battery.

Anyways, thanks to advancements in technology today that brought better versions of gadgets like laptops, and smartphones today with long-life batteries, now connecting Bluetooth speakers is a much easier and joyful task than before

Myth No2: Bluetooth is Harmful, So Bluetooth Speakers Shouldn’t Be Used

It’s usually assumed by many people that Bluetooth releases harmful audio rays that aren’t safe for health. Well, various studies have been conducted in this regard, but no single piece of evidence has been found that could prove that Bluetooth signals from cell phones can harm the wellbeing of users.

These circulating myths have put electronics manufacturers under pressure, and dilemma as their sales might drop if customers top buying Bluetooth speakers with fear of danger in mind. Now, they’re started supplying Bluetooth speakers with the least power output.

Myth No 3: Bluetooth Speakers Can Be Affected by Wi-Fi & Vice Versa

Another common myth regarding the use of portable Bluetooth speakers is, they both interfere with one another. The fact is, Bluetooth is based on radio waves like any other kind of wireless technology and is based on the 2.4Gz radiofrequency.

Anything connected via radio waves, from a smart microwave to the Wi-Fi, all sudden spikes in demand for a similar recurrence level. This implies that there is the potential for impedance if two gadgets are attempting to utilize a similar sign simultaneously in a similar region.

Fortunately, indeed, current innovation has made all the difference. Present-day Bluetooth speakers are made with versatile recurrence bouncing. This fundamentally implies that when two gadgets, like a Bluetooth speaker and a remote switch, are endeavoring to utilize a similar recurrence the sign will jump to another recurrence.

It implies that the sign from one gadget doesn’t meddle with another gadget. The progress happens flawlessly as well, so there’s no drop in sound quality or transmission speed.

Myth No 4: Bluetooth Speakers Are Not Reliable

Again, this old school myth belongs to the old days of technology, when they were certainly not reliable. The use of Bluetooth devices, and technology as a whole – had so many issues that time, as they used to get disconnected, and showed trouble while transferring data.

But, advanced Bluetooth devices today have become a life savior and time-saving investment.

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