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How To Charge A Speaker With AC Outlet

How To Charge A Speaker With AC Outlet?

The use of the speaker is very common now. Either you are using a mini portable Bluetooth speaker or a large Wi-Fi speaker, you can easily connect with your electronic device. Moreover, in these types of portable speakers charging is one of the issues faced by the user. Otherwise, they are easy to carry and have high connectivity power. User can enjoy their favorite music about 12 hours continuously with wireless speakers. The battery life of the speaker depends and varies according to the usage condition or the ambient temperature. Speaker’s frequencies also have an impact on sound quality and battery life. The speaker volume level also affects charging as if the volume level is maximum, the battery life is just approx. 3 hours. Noise suppression and echo cancellation also affect the quality of the sound and battery of the speakers.

Charging of speakers

Speakers are made from lithium-ion which is easy to recharge. Via the AC adaptor, you can speakers to the AC outlet to charge it. Before using the speaker’s first time, always make sure that the battery of the speaker to charge by connecting it to an AC outlet via supplied AC adaptors (USB). Instead of using a USB AC adaptor, you can operate the speaker by battery by charging it before use. Always use supplied USB AC adaptor and supplied micro-USB cable only to charge your speaker from the AC outlet.

  1. Always make sure that your speaker is turned off while charging.
  2. Connect the supplied USB AC adaptor to the supplied micro-USB cable.
  3. Then connect the cable of micro-USB to the jack of DC IN 5V.
  4. Simply plug in USB AC adaptor to the AC outlet.

Charging indicators

The charge indicator of the speaker lights up in orange during the charging. The charging indicator of the speaker turns off when the charging is completed. When the speaker’s power is turned off and connected to the AC outlet, if the speaker charge indicator turns off, it means the built-in battery is fully charged. Always remember that when the battery is fully charged still you kept it connected to the AC outlet, it will not charge the battery furthermore.

The charge indicator of the speaker flashes slowly in orange, it means that the battery is running low and you need to connect it with the charger. Moreover, when you turn on the speakers and the charge indicator flashes three times in orange then it means the speaker battery is empty and needs to be connected with a charger.

Tips of charging speakers

  • Using the speaker at loud volume. In this way, the battery of the charger runs low even you connect it with the AC outlet.
  • Always turn off the speaker to charge the battery in its full capacity. If you want to use while charging, keep the volume low for better charging.
  • Never use a speaker at a loud volume for a long duration, the battery will run low even the speaker is connected to the AC outlet. The quality of sound becomes low if you use it at loud volume even with battery low indication.
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