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Do All Wireless Speakers Connect In A Similar Way?

A wireless speaker means it has the speaker’s competence to connect to your gadget wirelessly, not essential that this is the only way it can link to your devices. So with many different types, the choice is yours whether you want to connect it wirelessly or not.

Wholesale wireless speakers are highly beneficial as no messy cables are lying around, and no need to find out which line fits in each slot. Now there is no time-consuming process for connecting sound quality by clicking wirelessly with good wireless speakers.

However, wholesale wireless speakers can face connection dropouts or interfere in some areas. Setting up the wireless connection is generally straightforward but needs knowledge when doing it for the first time. Also, wireless connections require battery power on linked portable devices such as your smartphone. But do all wireless speakers connect the same way? Let’s find out different ways through which your wireless speaker connects to the system

Different types of wireless technology

There are two main categories of wireless technology, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Let’s look in detail at how both differ from each other.


It is close-field communication equipment that permits you to attach, or ‘pair,’ two gadgets over a short distance. It is usually up to 10 meters apart, though it can be more. So, ensure your speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode, and then discover and tap on the speaker in the Bluetooth sets menu in the settings on your smartphone or other devices to connect.

Pros: Bluetooth is often easier to set up. Many present devices support Bluetooth, and you don’t require an internet connection or wifi signal.

Cons:  a wifi connection is more convenient if you are looking for better sound technology, some Bluetooth has better sound quality, but for the best sound, a wifi connection can be a touch better. However, Bluetooth continues to improve rapidly and lessens any enduring perceivable gap to wifi and wired networks.


It is the same linking you use to attach your gadgets at home wirelessly to the internet, using an internet router or home-based hub. There is no limitation like Bluetooth, but you have to be in the surrounding of the internet connection.  To attach to your speaker in this way, occasionally, you will need to turn the speaker on and discover it in the wifi locations menu on your smartphone or other devices.

Pros: they have superior sound quality. It has more functionality and is more versatile, for example, access to music streaming services such as Spotify. Also, you have multiple features like Google Assistant on Android and Siri on Apple devices to permit you to regulate your speaker with your voice alone and excessive extra functions.

Cons: however, these speakers are not beneficial for outdoor purposes as you cannot have wifi connection outside the house or place. But you can set wireless hotspot, but this will quickly eat into your mobile payment’s data allowance). As a result, all handy wireless speakers will upkeep Bluetooth. Not all wireless speakers support wifi.

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