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5 Thing To Consider Before Wireless Speakers Purchase

Want to have to get rid of wired devices? The wholesale wireless speakers are the best choice for you. These Bluetooth speakers add versatility and style to music and life. Nowadays, you can easily find multiple types of speakers in the market, but how to decide which Bluetooth speaker is best for you.

So, here we will share five necessary things that you need to know before purchasing the Bluetooth speakers as these speakers come in different models, sizes, shapes, and sound quality. So, let’s check whether buying a BlueTooth device is worth it or not?

How to choose Bluetooth speakers?

Here is a list of things for Bluetooth that need to be considered before the purchase.

1.      Is it portable?

Before buying wholesale wireless speakers, you must check their portability.  Almost all the wireless speakers are portable have a built-in battery. These portable speakers’ battery life must be limited, which should be around 6-10 hours, but some high-quality and advanced speakers also last up to 24 hours.

Nowadays, you can easily find these types of speakers in the market. They are handy and perfect for camping, traveling, and outdoor parties.

2.      Is it Bluetooth 4 or 5?

Always look at the speaker’s version before the purchase and choose the latest version as it affects the features and advancement of these speakers. Many Bluetooth speakers use version 4 or version 5.0. it can drastically alter a speaker’s appeal.

Moreover, it is worth buying version 5  as it is faster than version 4. Also, it has more speed, like  2Mbps, and is more compatible, unlike version 4. This Bluetooth version enables you to enjoy multiple connections at the same time.

3.      Is it waterproof?

Many speakers are not waterproof, but now to some extent, you can have waterproof speakers. But how to check whether the Bluetooth speaker is waterproof? Look for the IP68 rating.  The IP rating indicates whether the Bluetooth speaker can be submerged at a depth of 1.5m for at least 30 minutes. So, check the IP rating before buying the Bluetooth speaker.

4.      Is it smart?

Bluetooth portable speakers are intelligent and have advance characteristics and features. Now they come with virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. So, now you cannot only enjoy streaming music but this advanced feature as well. Also, these portable speakers feature microphones for both hands-free calls and can allow voice-activated virtual assistants.

5.      Is it multi-room?

Some people think that it is not enough and doesn’t have that much sound quality. But these speakers have multi-room, which means that they work on Bluetooth and have a wifi connection option at an affordable price.

So, now you can connect multiple phones to the speakers as they support wifi and BlueTooth, which help them integrate into a multi-room system.

This multi-room varies from phones and devices it is connected with. They also combine room-filling sound with Apple’s Siri intelligent assistant voice controls, a highly advanced and latest feature.

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