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5 Essential Features About the Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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Are you thinking of getting rid of the cables and going wireless? Well, the wireless Bluetooth speakers in China will help you do it in style. There’s an overabundance to select from – the whole thing from wonderfully sophisticated speakers manufactured by hi-fi makers such as Bowers and Wilkins to waterproof party speakers, which are highly versatile and deliver great sound-per-pound. But before buying a Bluetooth speaker, there are several things you need to consider.

Here are some of the necessary five things that you need to look at before purchasing a Wireless Bluetooth Speakers China

Five features of wireless speakers

1.      Take hands-free phone calls

What happens if your phone starts ringing while you are listening to your favorite music? The Bluetooth speaker isn’t just a music device. When you’re streaming online music from your smartphone, you can take calls hands-free, as almost all devices have built-in microphones. Nowadays, it is hard to find Bluetooth speakers with no microphones. This feature ensures that you don’t miss any of your calls while listening to music.

2.      Adjust the sound to suit you

it will probably have an equalizer to adjust the sound to your personal favorites If you buy anything more than the most economical speaker. These speakers are portable and convenient as they are more sophisticated than simply adjusting bass and treble levels.

Also, different models have a more comprehensive range of frequencies or select from presets optimized to specific musical genres like contemporary, pop, or rock. They are multifunctional, and you can also control tones such as the ‘loudness’ setting, which boosts the bass and treble and ‘live sound’ modes to make it seem like you’re at a music concert.

Moreover, their sound modes are adjustable, and you can change the base and the volume when listening to slow songs.

3.      Take them for a plunge

Nowadays, many wireless speakers are portable and offer water resistance to endure unintentional splashes or even entire submersion in water. Look for its IP (ingress protection) rating for finding out how water resistant a Bluetooth speaker. This rating helps you determine how much water-resistant they are and how they can survive in dusty environments such as the beach.

For example, a wireless speaker IPX4 doesn’t have dust protection, but it tends to survive the odd splash of water. On the other hand, a speaker IP67 is dustproof and cannot withstand submersion in up to 1 meter of water. So, check before you take the speakers so that you can get what you want.

4.      Connect to speakers from other brands

They are highly compatible and help you to connect you any multifunctional software. Also, some of the speakers have built-in Google Chromecast compatibility, which lets you connect them to any other Chromecast-enabled speaker.

5.      Use them to charge your phone

They make music more enjoyable and also have the capability to charge your phone when it’s running low. Also, it has good battery life, which can run smoothly for hours.

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