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The Difference Between Bluetooth Speaker And Wifi Speaker

WiFi speaker from the beginning of this year has turned into a year of age, but for many consumers, why go out and buy a WiFi speakers, wireless speaker choice since it is so why not choose a more familiar Bluetooth speaker? Through the investigation we made before we found, in fact, many people do not choose WiFi speaker is the most important reason to WiFi speakers do not understand, it means they do not know what is the difference between WiFi and Bluetooth Speaker Speaker, and we today to introduce to my friends about, though they are listening to wireless music solutions, but what is the difference between each speaker and WiFi Bluetooth speakers.

Working Principle:

First we Now comes their differences, then we must first know their different works, Bluetooth speaker works with built-in Bluetooth chip and mobile phones, tablets and laptops and other Bluetooth playback device is connected, and then play on their device with or collecting resources on the network to the device for playback, its low power consumption, and the use of a one-way transmission can be guaranteed to have a good privacy.
The speaker is through WiFi wireless router, the access to the speaker among the external network, then by phone, tablet and other devices to connect to speakers through Air Play, DLNA and Q Play music and other multimedia protocols were pushed to the speaker to play with the transmission capability, you can connect multiple devices to play audio and diverse characteristics.

Of course, this is only a small aspect of the conduct of these two wireless speakers from the difference between the presentation of works, here we come to look at the specific speakers and WiFi Bluetooth Speaker, there are so different, so that we can better understand WiFi speakers, learn more about wireless audio playback device knowledge of it.

Transmission Quality:

Wireless speaker sound quality has been a lot of people criticized most places, the main reason is that wireless Bluetooth speaker transmission rate is not high enough to meet the requirements of lossless music, then this point, between WiFi and Bluetooth speakers on speaker there is a big difference.

First we look at the traditional Bluetooth speakers, the bandwidth is generally at 24Mbps (Bluetooth 4.0) or less, and did not reach the transmission of high-quality music needs, and this is before we say a lot of people are important reasons not of sound quality wireless speaker.

And now WiFi speaker basically guaranteed bandwidth in 150Mbps or more, for lossless music and video transmission effect has been greatly improved, many people have experienced from the WiFi wireless speakers can listen to the HiFi essence.