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Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest Bluetooth version 2012, is an upgraded version of the 3.0; compared to 3.0 version more power saving, low cost, 3 ms low delays, long effective connection distance, AES-128 encryption etc.; usually used in the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers and other equipment.
It supports two modes of deployment: dual mode and single mode. Dual mode, low-power Bluetooth function integrated in the existing classic Bluetooth controller, or low power stack is added on the existing classic Bluetooth Technology (2.1+EDR/3.0+HS) chip, the overall architecture is essentially the same, so cost increase limited.
Single mode for highly integrated and compact equipment, use a lightweight connection (link layer) layer provides ultra low power standby mode operation, simple equipment recovery and a reliable point to multipoint data transmission, but also allows networked sensors to arrange a good low power Bluetooth traffic order in the Bluetooth transmission, and advanced energy saving and safe encryption connection.